Case Study: ASME GDTP Certification Achievements


AIS Staff Achievements

At AIS, we are proud of our 24-year history of supporting various industries across the United States. From aerospace and defense to medical device and agricultural manufacturing, we take great care in our role of helping to ensure quality products reach consumer hands. While our inspection laboratory boasts high-end equipment, our success truly stems from the dedication and expertise of our staff. Our team knows that it's not just about the work we do; it’s about the people who are impacted by it. We are tremendously appreciative of the skills, talent, and customer service outlook they bring to work with them everyday. 

As a subsidiary of Productivity Quality, Inc., our shared goals are to exceed the expectations of our customers and build a workforce that attracts and retains the best employees in our field. We have always been passionate about furthering metrology education within our industry, and that passion extends to our employees as well. In recognition of this commitment, we want to congratulate several of our employees who have achieved the ASME GDTP Professional Certification. This certification demonstrates their expertise and dedication to excellence in regards to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing practices.

Mike Shadick - GDTP Technologist Certification

Senior OGP Programmer | 21 years with AIS

Mike brings over two decades of experience to his role at AIS, having been with the company for 21 years. His wealth of knowledge and technical proficiency have been instrumental in delivering high-quality inspection solutions to our customers. He overcomes challenges challenges and teaches customers how to apply metrology strategy and principles in their own processes.

Bill Larson - GDTP Technologist Certification

Senior PC-DMIS Programmer | 19 years with AIS

Bill Larson has been a part of the AIS team for over 19 years. He earned his GDTP Technologist Certification in 2023 and continues to be a tremendous asset not only to AIS, but to our customers. We appreciate the lengths he continues to go to serve our customers' needs.

John Vernon - GDTP Senior Certification

Senior PC-DMIS Programmer | 8 years with AIS

John Vernon came to AIS eight years ago with over 16 years of programming experience behind him. His expertise programming and troubleshooting PC-DMIS software on a variety of equipment types makes him a valuable asset to our company and to our customers. The technical support he provides our customers on a daily basis is second-to-none. He received his GDTP Senior Certification in 2023.

Dave Wahlberg - GDTP Senior Certification

Senior PC-DMIS Programmer | 19 years with AIS

Dave Wahlberg also received his GDTP Senior Certification in 2023. He has been with AIS for over 19 years in his role as a senior level PC-DMIS programmer. His attention to detail and knowledge of industry standards has been instrumental in the success of numerous projects. He has also been an Instructor for the PC-DMIS courses we offer and has taught many people how to effectively apply GD&T to their own work.

AIS ASME GDTP Certification Holders
Left to right: John Vernon, Dave Wahlberg, Mike Shadick, Bill Larson

“Seeing our team members achieve their GDTP certifications is a testament to their dedication and the culture of continuous learning we strive for at AIS. These certifications are incredibly difficult to achieve, and I am proud to recognize Mike, Bill, John, and Dave for their commitment to quality and unwavering pursuit of professional advancement.”

- Rich Korsmoe, AIS General Manager

The ASME GDTP (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional) certifications hold significant value in the field of engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance. These certifications validate an individual's expertise and proficiency in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), a fundamental aspect of modern engineering and manufacturing processes. 

To achieve the Technologist Level certification, applicants are tested on their knowledge of GD&T principles, concepts, and practices within the ASME Y14.5-2009 standard. Recipients of this certification can successfully apply the symbols, modifiers, and relationships of GD&T to engineering drawings and documentation. 

Five years of documented experience applying GD&T principles is required in order to apply to take the Senior Level certification exam. Successful completion of this certification indicates the individual has an understanding of:

  • Geometric tolerancing and related principles
  • Tolerance calculation
  • Datum feature selection
  • Application of modifiers in feature controls
  • Application of modifiers in composite tolerances

We are incredibly proud of Mike, Bill, John, and Dave’s accomplishments in achieving their GDTP Certifications. Their dedication represent the importance of learning GD&T and the value of applying the principles throughout every project. 

If you're interested in brushing up on your own metrology skills, we offer training year round over multiple metrology disciplines. We have courses designed for all experience levels - from Metrology Boot Camp for beginners to GD&T Advanced Applications. Check out our Free Training Resources to learn more.