Who Makes FAI Standards?


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Since you are in manufacturing, you have probably performed a First Article Inspection  (FAIon your new products that represent the first production run. The purpose of a FAI is to prove that all the engineering, design, and manufacturing requirements understood and verified. In manufacturing, a FAI is a great way to learn about your process. You can uncover ways to reduce scrap, improve quality, and lower costs.

If have performed a First Article Inspection or you are in the process of beginning your first FAI, then you may have had to adhere to some FAI standards. In a recent blog post by DISCUS Software, they talk about the  4 governing bodies that create the standards for First Article Inspections. They give some good insights about the 4 groups, and some extra information if you are curious during your research on performing First Article Inspections for your next group of parts.

If you need more information about FAI or are looking to start the process, feel to contact one of our sales reps. We will gladly help you with your process.