Top 3 Reasons for Contract Dimensional Inspection

You work in metrology, making sure the quality of your manufactured parts maintain a high level of quality. But sometimes it is hard to keep those high standards when you have so many projects coming into your lab. You have to do what you can to keep production levels high and costs down. You may find yourself thinking about outsourcing your metrology measurements as an option. When it is a good idea to hire a contract dimensional inspection company? Here are the top 3 reasons to consider when you reach this point.


Project Overload

Sometimes you have too many projects; sometimes you don’t have enough workers to use the equipment. Or you may not have the right measurement systems such as a portable CMM. And some companies don’t have qualified workers to run the metrology equipment. Either one of these can make it difficult to maintain the balance between production levels and quality. If you have a quick project or are in need in of some extra personnel, purchasing metrology equipment may not be the best solution. Asking for contract dimensional inspection may be the way to go.


Your Budget

We all wish we had an unlimited wallet and have access to any measurement equipment. But it’s all about that bottom line. It takes a lot of money to establish and run a metrology department: training, equipment, software, and maintenance. This is where a contract dimensional inspector comes in handy. They supply all the equipment, which is routinely maintained and calibrated. All of their employees are trained on the newest software and equipment. And you don’t have to worry about hiring a skilled metrologist. When you outsource a contract dimensional lab, you know you’re getting the highest level of quality and repeatability.


They Come to You

You don’t always have to send contract dimensional inspectors your parts. Most labs carry portable CMMs that they can bring to your facility. If your facility is busy assembling the parts, you can hire an inspection lab to measure your parts on the spot, instead of sending a member of your own team to the site. You want to make sure you have enough members in your group to continue with the other projects that are filling up your calendar.

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