ROMER Arm Goes Sci-Fi at San Diego Comic Con

In our world of metrology, we are performing dimensional inspections on automobiles, gears, or other manufactured parts. But there’s a whole other world out there that requires dimensional inspection and 3D scanning. The ROMER arm was shown last week at San Diego’s ComicCon scanning a sonic screwdriver widely used in the “Doctor Who” TV show:


From Fantasy to the Future

ROMER ARM scans Doctor Who sonic screwdriver

ROMER ARM scans Doctor Who sonic screwdriver











Following their television appearance, The Wand Company experienced a surge of interest and with a successful product under their belts, the team went back to the drawing board in search of their next project. In 2012, the company launched a new remote control based on the ‘sonic screwdriver’ device featured in cult science fiction serial, Doctor Who. The appeal of this product hinged around the authentic appearance that proved a draw for sci-fi fans the world over, as Barnardo explains:

“For our first sonic screwdriver, the model used by the Eleventh Doctor, we simply used photographs and measurements that we found on the web to design the product. The response was positive – we had emails from customers asking if we could produce another sonic screwdriver, the one that the Tenth Doctor used. It struck us that the best way to make a really accurate replica might be to find the original prop used in the show and create a 3D scan of it – which is where metrology comes into the story.”


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