Reverse Engineering

When it comes to reverse engineering—whether it’s an individual part or an entire assembly—AIS is up to even the most difficult challenge. Our arsenal includes the latest in laser scanning technology, high accuracy touchprobe, scanning, and vision CMMs that enables us to model even the most complex shapes and contours. We use a variety of techniques, from NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-spline) to parametric modeling to create CAD models in a number of formats to suit your unique application.

3D scanning is not as easy as “1-2-3”. The complexity of every reverse engineering process depends on the knowledge and expertise of the application engineers. Our application engineers have the skills in laser scanning and CAD modeling to create your part.

AIS is powered by not only our application engineers, but by the engineers that work at Productivity Quality, Inc. And AIS works some of the best reverse scanning equipment in the field: Artec 3D scanners, RX Solutions EasyTom CT scanner, ROMER Absolute Arm, and the ShapeGrabber. With this combination of people and equipment, AIS can easily help you to reverse engineer your part to create CAD models for tooling needed in manufacturing processes, make changes on the fly, or simply interchange CAD files with out CAD systems or designers.