Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a useful way to collect millions of data points in a short period of time. Once we gather the data points, they can be used to compare the actual part to the CAD model; or for reverse engineering. With our ROMER portable arm or Artec 3D scanners, RX Solutions EasyTom CT scanner, AIS can capture the physical properties of your part’s geometry and curvature using our laser scanning (that is very difficult to measure using other methods). Once the data points are collected to create the point cloud, this data is then used to create your 3D CAD models of your part and can be used for reverse engineering, CAD modeling, or measurement inspection.

The laser scanning services at AIS have helped our customers to complete their most complex designs. Whether it’s for inspection, analysis, or reverse engineering, our experienced application engineers can help your employees reach their critical deadlines. In your line of work, we understand that laser scanning can give you the speed and quality you require to give yourself that competitive advantage.

If you have parts with complex geometries, tiny features, or tight tolerances, AIS has the 3D laser scanners to get your job completed. We can come out to your facility, or you can send us your parts. Either way, you can count on us to help you reach the bottom line.