Reverse Engineering & 3D Laser Scanning

Reverse engineering has been ever increasing over a wide variety of industries because of the rise of CAD designs. Now that CAD programs have dropped in costs, smaller companies can take advantage of speeding up their design process by performing reverse engineering processes. 3D laser scanning measures an object, and then it is recronstructed through reverse engineering into a CAD file through the use of various software. You can now scan a part into a CAD system, and then all your measurements are captured. Through reverse engineering, you can compare the measurements against the part. You can take this one step further, and use color mapping software to see which areas of the part are in or out of tolerance.

If you don’t have a print or a model to recreate your part, we can build a parametric model from scratch through our reverse engineering process. We use our inspection equipment and your part or create a NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-spline) model using scan data.

Some parts with freeform surfaces prove to be too difficult to measure using a traditional CMM or open plate setup during some reverse engineering processes. 3D Laser Scanning and Color Mapping have become the inspection standard for measuring these parts. Let AIS help you get the best measurements from your next batch of parts.