Outsourcing: A New Niche for Advanced Inspection Services

For the past eight months, Advanced Inspection Services has taken part in a trend within inspection, outsourcing. AIS has placed three onsite inspectors to a major medical device manufacturer to help with incoming receiving inspection. The employees from AIS inspect parts and make sure the components meet the required specifications before they are assembled. AIS plans to keep the employees there until April of next year.

Outsourcing is a trending niche in the metrology industry, and AIS sets themselves apart by sending their own full time employees, instead of using part-time temporary employees. Part-time temporary employees may leave when given another job opportunity, and Rod Shadick, customer service manager, says “It maintains a sense of stability within the company to make sure there is consistency among employees.”

If you have any questions about outsourcing one of our inspectors for your next project, feel free to contact one of our representatives.