Portable CMM Machines

Can’t bring your parts to us, let us come to you. AIS is well equipped with multiple portable CMM machines and a Laser Tracker to help measure parts at your facility. Each portable CMM will help you reduce scrap, decrease measurement times, and improve the quality of your product.

Our ROMER Absolute arm is one portable CMM that we offer in our line of inspection services. If you require some CMM inspection, the ROMER arm is a typical solution. It’s the easiest and fastest to use in the industry. Its patented Infinite Rotation in the principle axes makes a great fit for projects that require difficult to reach areas. With this portable CMM, we can use it on a wide range of applications that require highly precise touch measurements on metal parts, metal stampings, and plastic parts. It can be easily switched to a non-contact laser scanner if you do not want to damage your part.

Another option for a portable CMM is our Leica Absolute Laser Tracker. This portable CMM system relies on a laser beam to accurately measure and inspect a radial volume of up to 320 m (1050 ft). Many of our customers call us to perform CMM inspections on their prototypes or to perform reverse engineering in the medical, automotive, and aerospace markets.