Customer Equipment

Have the metrology equipment, but lack the expertise to make the best use of it?  Or maybe you are part of a large manufacturing company, and you have several projects with rapidly approaching deadlines.. At AIS, one of our skilled programmers will come to your facility and help you maximize the potential of the metrology equipment you already own.

We understand, sometimes talented people move on.  Sometimes you just need an extra hand.  Sometimes it’s just for a week or two.  How do you address this need?  How do you find temporary, but highly skilled, labor?  Give us a call.

Our past support has included turnkey programming of a new part, managing the QA process for a new part or product, implementing CMM training and CMM processes, mentoring and on-the-job-training for new hires. Contact AIS because we have an expert for you.

Check out these links for a list of the metrology equipment and software packages we support.