Contract Staffing

Do you lack the precise measurement equipment for the job at hand or do your inspectors require more experience for a certain job? What if you were to contract personnel to perform first article inspection or PPAP’s—working on your behalf as an extension of your quality and manufacturing departments? Now you can through PQI/AIS!

We can help take you from where you are to where you want to be.  When it comes to qualified technical personnel, you can take advantage of our service until you can justify hiring full-time, regular employees.

In addition, we offer a program called “PQI/AIS Training Pathways” that creates an environment for you to develop your own employees’ innate talents by entering our career development program and building off their strengths. This long-term view to workforce development is designed to help your employees move from entry level abilities to more complex skills—thus helping your highly valued staff qualify for more technical positions (i.e. CMM Programmer, Quality Technician, etc.) within your organization.