CMM Programming

Having trouble finding qualified employees to make the best use of your CMM inspection equipment? Are you looking for help, just for a couple of weeks? Maybe you just brought in a new line that will require lots of CMM programming help.

Whatever the reason, we can help.  At AIS, we pride ourselves in the skill and knowledge of our inspection staff.  When you need help, we can offer the best help available. As an added bonus, this can be done on your shop floor, writing programs for your parts on your CMM. We even offer offline CMM programming at our facility or yours with on-site program prove-out if needed.

What really sets us apart however, is the skill and experience of our staff.  We don’t offer button pushers, it’s not our style.  Our onsite staff are all high level CMM programmers with an average of 12 years of metrology experience.

The solution to your staffing problem is just a phone call away.

Check out these links for a list of the equipment and software packages we support.