On-Site Inspection Services

Sometimes it is not possible for you to send us your parts. Either they are too fragile, too large, or you just don’t feel safe putting them in the mail. Let AIS come onsite and perform the necessary inspection services on those difficult parts.

No matter where you are located, AIS can easily bring our ROMER portable arm to your site. One of our technicians is always available to help you with your next dimensional inspection.

Each one of our technicians goes through a certification process to keep them up-to-date on all the latest inspection services and techniques. With our calibrated CMMs or scanning lasers in hand, they are ready to tackle your project.

Maybe you are shorthanded at your facility or one of your inspection machines is down? Then call AIS to find out how one of our technicians may be of service. Our technicians have travelled all of the country and performed onsite, dimensional inspection services in various industries: medical, aerospace, defense, and manufacturing.

Let our AIS technicians assist your next manufacturing project.