Portable CMM

Portable CMM Machine

Portable Arm CMM Machine

Portable CMM machines let our inspectors come to you. 6- and 7-axis portable arm CMM machines allow us to take the equipment on-site to perform measurements. We also use these CMM machines in-house for day to day inspections. Our 7-Axis Romer arm has an integrated laser scanner for collecting large point clouds. This point cloud can be used for reverse engineering or color mapping.


Leica Absolute Laser Tracker

Leica Absolute Laser Tracker


The Leica Absolute Laser Tracker is the benchmark for large-scale precision measurements. The Tracker shines at inspecting windmill blades and aerospace components, or aligning industrial machinery. The T-Probe allows the Tracker to support hand-held wireless probing. It can also be used with the standard corner cube, which gives it a measurement volume up to 164 feet. An active vision system built into the sensor can determine where a target is without the need for the laser beam to be locked.