Form Measurement Systems

We also have a number of options for form measurement.  From straightness, flatness, circularity, and cylindricity to roundness and line/surface profiles, AIS can deliver the results you need.

The Contracer - Form Measurement System

The Contracer form measurement system offers low-cost but accurate contour measurement and analysis. Standard tools not only define individual elements on the measured contour—such as line, circle, point, angle, high/low contour point—but are equally useful for generating intersection points, performing thread functions, and even generating theoretical points, parallel lines, or freely definable lines.

TesaScan - Form Measurement System

The TesaScan form measurement system measures cylindrical parts both statically and dynamically. Even when scanning complex grooves, it obtains real data from all the part’s individual elements, including edges, angles, diameters, and radii. We can rotate the workpiece while scanning the periphery to measure concentricity, runout, and circularity.

RoundTest - Form Measurement SystemThe Mitutoyo Roundtest form measurement system, with its sub-micrometer accuracy, is perfect when you need extreme accuracy when measuring—you guessed it—round parts. Its highly accurate turntable automatically levels and centers to the workpiece, resulting in reduced setup time for measuring circularity (roundness), cylindricity, straightness, runout, concentricity, and perpendicularity.

With an optional roughness detector installed, it can measure surface roughness in the circumferential direction around the θ axis, as well as in the direct drive directions along the X and Z axes with the table stopped. It also permits low-force measurement for fragile parts that might deflect under normal probing forces.