Lunch & Learn: Mitutoyo Surface & Form

Wednesday, June 26

10am – 2pm


If an avalanche of R surface finish parameters (Ra, Rz, Rt,Rp, Rv, etc.) was not enough, now the newest surface finish standards describe their S equivalents. The S parameters describe 3D surface finish. Unlike the traditional contact, stylus-based surface finish instruments, the S parameter instruments most commonly use non-contact optical sensors to gather data on the part’s surface.

The push for complex geometry, coupled with tight tolerances, has reinforced the need to maintain increased process control along with improved surface finish. In turn, the surface finish over the entire area tends to dictate the performance and reliability of the component.

We’ll begin with a review of the traditional “R” parameters and how they’re measured with Tony Portillo from Mitutoyo. Then Adam Clark from PQI will do the same for “S” parameters using the new S Neox 5-axis non-contact system from Sensofar.