Surface Finish

A perfectly flat surface is only an ideal in dimensional inspection. When it comes to surface finish, it’s an important factor when you have a part that is required to slide or fit into a specific section. Maybe you are looking to create the right surface finish during your machining process. Some engine parts require lubricants to help prevent wear and tear. The surface finish requires the right engineering to make sure the roughness can hold the proper amount of lubricant between the parts under stress. Yet, the surface finish has to be smooth enough to make sure no metal is causing friction against any other metal.

AIS offers ISO 17025-Accredited contact surface measurements and non-accredited non-contact surface finish measurements. We provide the high-accuracy data you need, to whatever standard is appropriate: ASME/ANSI B46.1, ISO, JIS, DIN…you name it.

Our profilometer’s are capable of measuring both 2D and 3D surface finishes, and we can inspect to all parameters in primary profile, roughness profile, and filtered waviness profile. We have several non-contact options for measuring surface finsh and roughness.

The Sensofar S NEOX  non-contact 3D surface profiler excels in 3 technologies to measure over ranges from nanometers to millimeters in height. With the S NEOX, we can measure form, topography, step height, roughness, texture or any other height parameter. These are the 3 technologies:

  • Confocal measures the surface height of smooth to very rough surfaces with spacial sampling as low as 0.10μm
  • Interferometry is white-light scanning used to measure the surface height of smooth to moderately rough surfaces, regardless of the NA
  • Focus variation measures the shape of large rough surfaces with the complements of confocal measurements at low magnification



Focus variation