Luers Inspection

ISO 80369-6 & ISO 80369-7 Luers Inspection

Luer inspection

Luer inspection ISO 80369-6 & ISO 80369-7

If you manufacture luers for connections in neuraxial, intravascular or hypodermic applications, then you know there are specific dimensions and requirements for their designs. As medical applications continue to advance, the connector industry needs to keep pace. This means you must make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent any misconnections.

You want to make sure you have the confidence that your luers will function properly. AIS now provides dimensional inspection for the luer market. Our lab will inspect your luers according to the specifications provided by ISO 80369-6 and ISO 80369-7 and others.

For more information about our luer inspection process, please contact AIS for your next project.