Industrial CT Scanning

What Is Industrial Computed Tomography

Industrial CT scanning is a new technology in metrology to measure in three dimensions. Therefore, it is different from other forms of metrology (CMM and vision systems) because of its ability to inspect the inside of a part. As a result, CT Scanning is an effective way to perform non-destructive testing (NDT) on the internal features by using x-rays to scan the interior dimensions.

Industrial CT scanning of fine parts Industrial CT scanning used on carbon fiber







Benefits of Industrial CT Scanning

 CMMs and vision systems have their benefits and weaknesses due to their capabilities when it comes to measuring certain types of parts. Silicone parts are flexible and prove to be difficult to inspect using a touchprobe on a CMM. In addition to touchprobes altering the part, vision systems and CMMs cannot always reach an internal feature unless the part is disassembled or cross-sectioned. Therefore, industrial CT Scanning is an alternate method to when it comes to inspecting these types of parts. Some of the benefits of CT Scanning include:

  • Don’t have to cross-section parts
  • Save money by not creating a fixture for the part
  • Measure internal and external features
  • Quickly validate internal and external dimensions
  • Easily compare part-to-CAD

Our Industrial CT Scanner At AIS

FF20 CT Scanner

FF20 CT scanner for industrial CT scanning








The redesign of the YXLON FF20 CT scanner can now accommodate low temperature expansion and precise inspection with high repeatability and measurement capability. Due to the redesign, the YXLON is well suited for inspection of a variety of small sized parts from different industries:

  • Electronic components like SMD
  • Semiconductor packaging
  • Medical devices
  • Plastics
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Molds

In addition to the redesign, the new YXLON FeinFocus 190 kV, 64 W open cooled multi-focus transmission tube with TXI helps to achieve the ultimate 3D insight into minute structures. As a result, the CT scanner will achieve detail visibility in radioscopy of up to 150 nm.

System Features:

  • Sample diameter: 150 mm (5.9”)
  • Sample Height: 300 mm (11.8”)
  • Maximum Sample Weight: 20 kg
  • System Dimenstion: 2400 x 950 x 2220 mm
  • X-Ray Tube: FeinFocus 190kV nano focus

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