First Article Inspection

Our First Article Inspection (FAI) process is fast and efficient to ensure maximum accuracy while meeting your ever tightening timelines. When you are working on a prototype design, you want to verify the accuracy of the drawings and any changes made to the parts. Sometimes you want to verify the production process instead of focusing on the critical dimensions or you want to verify that all the tooling is capable of producing the parts to specifications. No matter what First Article Inspection Report you need, we know that you want to ensure all parties involved that your production process is reliable and producing what is intended. At Advanced Inspection Services we have the personnel and equipment to cover all of your dimensional inspection service needs. Let us make sure that your next First Article Inspection report gives you the confidence in your manufacturing process.

Whether you need a full First Article Inspection, conformance check of critical dimensions, non-critical dimensions, or dimensions defined by block tolerances, Advanced Inspection Services has a dimensional inspection solution for you. We’ve worked with major medical device, aerospace, agriculture, and consumer product manufacturers on first lot qualification as well as verifying conformance after changes to a production process.

Our First Article Inspection capability is supported by an ISO17025 accredited quality system and careful attention to the management of measurement uncertainty and measurement software validation.

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