CMM Calibration

As a CMM owner, you want to make sure the CMM calibration on your machine is always top, working order. Over time, your CMM can drift from the original manufacturer settings. The CMM can even change after one week of calibration. As a manager or operator at your facility, you want to eliminate any downtime and keep those operating costs low.

Our AIS/PQI relationship gives that one-stop shop for all of your CMM calibration. PQI is the largest distributor of Hexagon CMMs (Romer and Brown & Sharpe). We can meet all your calibration service needs from factory authorized CMM calibration to qualification of custom gages and fixtures. Our technicians can come to your facility and provide their calibration services: cleaning, inspecting scales, drives, probes, hardware and electronics. When they are done, they will provide you proof of their calibration services by giving you a calibration certificate. AIS is an ISO 17025 accredited calibration company.

If you have custom gages and fixtures, send us your print and we’ll design a calibration plan that meets the requirements of your Quality Management System.

If you need calibration of standard gaging ranging from pin gages to CMMs, PQI runs a state-of-the-art calibration facility under the same roof.