Capability Study

One of our functions here at AIS is performing capability studies. If you are part of a competitive market, you want to be on the cutting edge of making high-end products at the lowest cost possible. Whether it’s a part verification that’s part of your IQ/OQ/PQ process, or if it’s a capability study you need completed to determine whether a part or system can statistically meet a given set of specifications or requirements. A critical aspect of any capability study is understanding and reducing the effect of measurement uncertainty (or gage error). This will give you the ability to prioritize your process improvements and find out which processes do not require immediate attention. A capability study will allow you to reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary inspections and reducing scrap and rework. At AIS, we want to help you to find out what your manufacturing process is “capable” of doing under certain conditions. When it comes to your capability study, AIS will help you to predict what will likely happen in the future based on your samples and help to identify any process improvement opportunities. Using us to perform your next capability study, you will learn if anything is deviating from specification. We understand, when it comes to making the best products for your customers, you want to make them as happy as possible.

Click image to see example of Cp, CpK Capability Report.

CPK Capability Report from Advanced Inspection Services

CPK Capability Report