Dimensional Inspection Services

Do you need the right measurement equipment or require measurement expertise? Maybe you need to quickly quote a customer’s inspection requirements. Or you may want to outsource to an inspection lab until you can recruit some new hires.  When it comes to dimensional inspection, Advanced Inspection Services (AIS) has what it takes to meet your needs. We can handle just about any sized part, rigid or flexible. Our inspectors and Productivity Quality, Inc. (PQI) application engineers have years of metrology experience in industries such as medical, automotive, aerospace, foundry and plastics. They are thoroughly trained in inspection techniques and can correctly interpret and evaluate your prints with even the most complex GD&T.

AIS performs in-depth uncertainty studies on all of our equipment to ensure that the accuracy is appropriate for the job.

At AIS we can provide much more than just CMM inspection services.  Not all parts require the same method of measurement (touch probe, vision, laser) and not all parts have the same tolerance. Show us your dimensional measurement challenge and we’ll show you how we can accurately measure it.

Whatever your dimensional inspection needs, we have the equipment, personnel, and the expertise to help you accomplish your task.